1.5 weeks left to get a comics workshop for $10

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Lots of great workshops led by some crazy talented cartoonists/educators. And yes, you can get one as a gift.

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Season of Creative Challenges ends January 2

We're soon closing the doors on the Lean Into Art Season of Creative Challenges sale. You have until January 2 to get a bunch of video workshops for only $10 per session.

Workshops on sale include:
Foundations of Dyanmic Linework, where you'll learn how to use lines more effectively in your illustration.
Digitally Organic Art, where you'll learn how to make your digital illustrations look more natural.
Creating Compelling Characters, where you'll learn the ins and outs of character design.
Making Videogames from Comics, in which you'll discover how your skills as a cartoonist enable you to dive into game design.
And even some multi-part series like Comics Fundamentals, Creating Crazy Characters, and FTAM! a Detailed Exploration of Comics Sound Theory and Design.

And every purchase comes with 12 bonus hours of content from our Creative Topics Variety Pack. $10 gets you 13 hours of video instruction!

We won't be holding another sale like this for at least a year, so check it out before January 2, 2013.

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