A whole lot of Comics Are Great! eps dropped in the feed today!

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A whole lot of Comics Are Great! eps dropped in the feed today!

I just posted 4 episodes of the +Comics Are Great! show. That's over four hours of comics talk with terrific thinkers like +Tony Cliff, +Ryan Estrada, +Nicolas Bannister, +Jake Parker, and +Kohl Glass.

Get the shows here:

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Comics Are Great! originally shared this post:

No crossbreeding means no originality

There is so much to learn and master in making comics. Drawing, design, composition, pacing, color, and sound all stand ready to bewilder us as we try to communicate our ideas and stories.
And while intense work and study in our medium is often an honored notion, how might studying other mediums change how we view and choose between the various visual storytelling tools to which we have access?

It’s a fun discussion with NYT bestselling artist +Jake Parker and Emmy Award-winning writer and director +Kohl Glass on how to look at the comics medium afresh by studying other visual storytelling disciplines.

Audio version and show notes can be found here:

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Video: CAG! 86 – Getting Out From Under Your Medium with Jake Parker and Kohl Glass
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