Astronaut Academy Day Winners!

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Astronaut Academy DayThanks to everyone who participated in Astronaut Academy Day! It was a fun to watch Twitter and Tumblr over the course of May 14 and watch the excitement spread for Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry.

And while we should definitely keep plugging the book, it’s time for me to thank the participants in the contest by awarding the prizes!

The Winners:

Prize 1: One lucky participant will get a chance to co-host my Comics Are Great! show and interview Dave Roman, the author of Astronaut Academy! — Winner: Nathan Seabolt!

Prize 2: One winner will receive an original drawing of the characters from Amulet by the book’s author, Kazu Kibuishi! — Winner: Adam Shaffer!

Prize 3: One winner will receive a massive collection of tablet-ready digital comics! — Winner: Crystal Brunelle!

Prize 4: Two winners will receive a signed copy of Chris Giarusso’s G-Man vol. 1 Learning to Fly and vol. 2 Cape Crisis! The greatest superhero comic for kids (and kids at heart). — Winners: Eti Berland and Ruben Bolling!

Prize 5: One winner will receive and original drawing of Astronaut Academy’s Thalia Thistle by G-Man’s Chris Giarrusso! — Winner: Katy Manck!

Prize 6: One winner will receive a black and white inkwash portrait by Raina Telgemeier of Smile and Drama! — Winner: Erick Reilly!

Prize 7a: One classroom or library will win a free comics workshop held over Skype by Jerzy Drozd! — Winner: Colby Sharp!

Prize 7b: One classroom or library will receive a video collection of Jerzy’s Comics Fundamentals workshop series. 4 hours of video content that walks through making a comic from scratch, from designing characters to building worlds to putting it all together on the page! — Winner: Mary Ann Scheuer!

Prize 8: One winner will receive an original sketch by Rafael Rosado of the amazing graphic novel, Giants, Beware!Winner: Jake Fisher!

Winners: email me at comicsaregreat -AT- gmail -DOT- com to claim your prize!

And everyone who participated in the event gets a free digital edition of my out-of-print comic, PPV: Pay-Per-View! Just email me at comicsaregreat -AT- gmail -DOT- com to get your copy.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the event! But let’s make every day Astronaut Academy Day! Tell your friends about the book, make fan art, and write a review on Goodreads or Amazon!

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