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Only a week or so left to sign up for Tyler James’s new online workshop, Absolute Con-Sense!

From the workshop description:

Comic Conventions can be a great opportunity to sell your products, build your fanbase, and network with your peers. However, when approached the wrong way, they can also be stressful, unprofitable time sinks that make you question whether or not they’re worth the trouble. Well, they are, and in this workshop, Tyler James will offer 50 clear, actionable strategies for making cons work for you. Whether you’re getting ready to attend your first convention, or you’ve been on the con circuit a while and feel like you’re not seeing the returns you would like, this workshop is for you.

With convention season is right around the corner, Absolute Con-Sense will help you make this your best convention year yet.

Anyone familiar with my podcasting work has no doubt heard me grumble about how difficult (and sometimes painful) conventions can be. When you figure in the following costs:

  • Travel expenses (gas, air fare)
  • Table registration fees
  • Hotel fees
  • Food
  • Materials (printing books, promotional materials, table setup)

Even attending a modest convention can cost you $1,000. So I’m very excited about Tyler’s workshop, where he’ll share some hard-won wisdom on how to maximize your experience and get the most bang for your buck. I really wish I had something like this when I was first getting into conventioning!

The live class is scheduled for March 28 at 9pm ET, but all registrations will also receive a recording of the session to enjoy at your convenience. So even if you can’t make it to the live event, you can still benefit from this awesome workshop!

Check out a preview of the workshop, chock full of great tips already, here:


2 Responses to “Absolute Con-Sense”
  1. Courtney says:

    I missed when this happened and I feel like it can be a really great tool.

    Will there ever be a downloadable version after the fact or is it just gone forever?