Another crack at the hippo-ish jailer

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For a 2013 comics project. Think I'm getting closer to oafish/cute.

Drew this on the Galaxy Note 10.1 using Papyrus Beta:

Papyrus is a really nice note-taking app, but if the developer would add layer functionality it would instantly become my favorite sketching app. Maybe even a full production app.

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One Response to “Another crack at the hippo-ish jailer”
  1. Aaron Wolf says:

    btw, I know it isn't currently up to par, but I encourage you to always be aware of the Free Open Source options when considering software, especially for recommendations for students.

    For Android, you can install F-Droid to have an extra market where you can be sure every app is Free, Open Source, and fully privacy-respecting. So again, it's an app you install as an alternative market, but they also have a website. I did an online search there for "draw" to see what the options were, and there's a few worth at least knowing about:

    Might not be the best, but could be good for students. And these are Open Source, so any programmer could go in and adjust them to do whatever you want…