Anteater Monster

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Having trouble making those eye sockets look menacing. Maybe the answer to that is to play him as wishing to be menacing, but no one buys it?

It's my eyes, isnt it? You're laughing because of my eyes. Sigh.

Sketched on the Note 10.1 in the +Papyrus app.

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6 Responses to “Anteater Monster”
  1. BiIl Zinck says:

    he does look kinda sad. I think its because the eye sockets point up. Still an awesome picture

  2. It's great. It looks to hide itself as to whether he's safe or Not. Lol.

  3. croco pix says:

    Nice monster……lol

  4. Following you and noticing your artwork… I'm really amazed at the characters and artistic ability