Are you for Superman or Batman?

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What makes superheroes so compelling? Gregg Schigiel of the Stuff Said podcast helps us get to the bottom of this by leading off with a simple question: which superhero is your favorite, and why?

Is it mythology? Power fantasy? Or is it just fun to see big muscley guys punch and blast each other?

You can listen to us wrestle with the topic on the latest Kid's Comics Revolution podcast here:

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13 Responses to “Are you for Superman or Batman?”
  1. Khiem Le says:

    Batman is my favorite because he more realistic.  though we need a superhero in this world, where people dress just underwear and fly, but the world don't happen that way. Batman, he just guy behind a cape flying off rooftop and beating criminal with his hand. Again. a hero can do so much, but he or she cannot save everyone.

  2. Jerzy Drozd says:

    And that's one of the points we walk around in the discussion, +Khiem Le: We can be Batman. All we need is a cape and a belt. But Superman has laser eyes! I find that pretty compelling. 🙂

  3. Spiderman is my favorite, despite the superpower thing his problems are more  like a real person´s life.

  4. Jerzy Drozd says:

    +Fernando Jimenez and Spider-Man often fails at balancing his personal/superhero life, which I think helps make him such a successful character. I love Spider-Man.

  5. james james says:

    Lou Reed is my favourite superhero.

  6. I'm partial to the nostalgic icon Doc Savage who had no special powers, but was raised from birth by his father and other scientists to become one of the most perfect human beings in terms of strength, mental and physical agilities. No gamma rays, failed experiments or radioactive accidental exposure and born here on planet Earth …

  7. Xena Warrior Princess. Yeah thats me.

  8. Batman. He's less goody-goody and he's always seemed more real to me for that reason. Also Rogue from X-Men, mostly because she's down to earth and a bad ass.

    Anyhow, yes, I totally believe that superheroes are a modern day mythology for us. I mean Superman sure reminds me of Hercules….

  9. Miles Koupal says:

    Batman. No contest

  10. Jerzy Drozd says:

    +Kara Tollefson Xena is an awesome superhero! She even has a great battle cry.