Awesome, Awesome “Infinite Scroll” Comic

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Awesome, Awesome "Infinite Scroll" Comic

Since web comics began, cartoonists have excitedly discussed the storytelling possibilities of what Scott McCloud called* the "infinite canvas." A book has limitations in terms of the live area (though a good cartoonist will use this limitation to enhance his or her story). Comics in the browser don't have this limitation, so the comic can go in any direction for as long as you want.

Many cartoonists (myself included) tend to make comics that work in print as well as (if not better than) in the browser. And I can't think of many "pure web comics" that don't resort to mere gimmicks that don't do much to enhance the story.

French cartoonist Boulet found a way to create a terrific "pure web comics" experience. Scroll through the whole thing to see what I mean.

Read it here:

*I'm not sure, but I think McCloud coined that term.

Thanks to +Dan Santat for pointing me at this!

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