Awesome Reader Art (with bears)!

December 13, 2010 by  
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Got this fantastic piece of art featuring some of the stars of The Front: Rebirth from Aja of the comic True Magic!

Orange Guy nurses Jared and his bears back to health!

Aja took inspiration from a recent Jared comic to create this image:

I have to say, not everyone can capture the blank rage of Orange Guy’s facial expression. Aja really knocked this piece out of the park, and bonus points for including Marmalade and Yuki bear! If you think this piece is pretty, you should definitely check out True Magic–over 100 lovely pages of adventure, bishounen, and comedy!

Thanks, Aja!


One Response to “Awesome Reader Art (with bears)!”
  1. jahhdog says:

    Aja did an amazing job!