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Getting pretty far along in this series of Masters of the Universe character re-imaginings! I can’t put Skeletor off much longer. Then I might just take on a few characters from Etheria! But first we have He-Man’s best friend:

Though I’m still undecided on how I’d handle Cringer, Battlecat would definitely talk. I love the dynamic between him and He-Man on the Filmation series. He-Man always operates with restraint, while Battlecat is always jumping into the action first. Battlecat is also the more cynical of the two, and I love the conversations where he and He-Man argue over their assessment of a situation. I’d turn that up even louder. He’s the most macho character in the series, and it doesn’t come off as overbearing. After all, he’s a tiger!

I was working on some concepts for this one that exaggerated the lower legs in the same way I’ve been handling the other MotU characters, but it just didn’t work for me. He seemed too lanky and distorted. Battlecat needs to look solid and powerful.

While the design I landed on isn’t a huge departure from the Filmation series design, I like the renewed emphasis on the bird motifs on the helmet. As Shawn Robare pointed out on Twitter, it ties him in visually with The Sorceress.

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  1. Demophon says:

    You should so be leading a revamp of the series. You’ve seen what they’re doing with Thundercats right? You = way better.