“Be afraid of being boring” – Ryan Estrada

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"Be afraid of being boring" – Ryan Estrada

Once again +Ryan Estrada finds a way to succinctly state the solution to an apparently complex problem. We make stuff. We want to share stuff. But we're anxious about annoying everyone with our status updates.

I'm reminded of a conversation I had with +Eli Neiburger on Comics Are Great! episode 29 (, which was appropriately titled Just be Interesting! It's never a bother or annoying when you share something in an interesting way.

Thanks again to Ryan for the awesome food for thought.

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In the video below I talked with +Jerzy Drozd and +Rob Stenzinger about the importance of finding the right headline to create interest and curiosity in your work.
I wanted to add something new I learned.
Don't be afraid of repeating yourself, just be afraid of being boring.

 I learned that from +Erika Moen who taught me that you don't need to choose just one headline! Each week, Erika posts a new installment of her NSFW educational comic at  

And when she links to it on Twitter, she doesn't just say "Here's the new comic." She posts it multiple times through the day, with multiple headlines. And here's the thing- it never gets annoying! Because every time, she says something new and interesting about the comic.
And the key is- each post is stand alone, interesting, and retweetable, and includes the link. Artists always feel awkward about tweeting the same thing twice so just mention without linking or add something apologetic like "for the night crowd" or "morning RT" but that doesn't make it easy for people to click or share!

What I learned: Don't be afraid of repeating yourself, just be afraid of being boring.

See how it's done by following Erika's NSFW twitter:@ErikaMoen

Video: LIA Cast 84 – Getting a Reaction and Showcasing Yourself with Ryan Estrada
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