Drawing for Myself – Making a Mini-Comic Pt 2

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Quick update on the mini-comic (which is tentatively titled Boulder & Fleet: Adventurers for Hire). Halfway done with the artwork! Just inked the introduction of the main villain of the tale:

Probably the toughest part of writing this mini-comic was finding the story’s theme. I knew it would involve the heroes rolling into town to help some poor people who are under the boot of a nasty tyrant, but so what? How do I inject a point into this, so it’s not just another wild west hero story that’s been told a dozen times?

The answer came by way of simply thinking of some things that have been bugging me lately. Human behaviors that I understand but am diametrically opposed to. And I’m not just talking about 1,000 ft view kinds of things like cruelty or selfishness. I wanted my villain to come off not only as somewhat justified (by his own measure), but idiosyncratic. I want him to feel as much like a unique person as eight pages will allow.

So I thought of some people in the arts who claim to love their medium so much that they push their definition of it on others, to the exclusion of those who don’t meet the definition. They do this to help the medium, because they know best. They often have an air of magnanimity about them, because, after all, they’re doing it for the medium’s own good.

Once I applied this to my villain, my little tale transformed from a short, predictable little piece into something I was excited to explore.

More to come!

For a lot more on my thoughts on using themes to build your stories, check out the Art & Story comics podcast episode Your Comic From the Ground Up, Pt 1, where I go on and on about it.

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