Drawing for Myself- Making a Mini-Comic Pt 4

January 27, 2011 by  
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Going to be crazy busy for the next 48 hours as I finalize my presentations for Ignite 5 in Ann Arbor and Chelsea (information about the wheres and whens can be found here).

But the good news is I’m nearly done with the mini-comic! Here’s what I have left to do:

  • Letter two pages
  • Draw the cover image
  • Prep the cover image for screen printing

Should be doable by Saturday! I will release this comic online before I put it together as a mini-comic with the screen printed cover, so stay tuned to my Twitter feed or this blog for news on both of those.

A lot of surprises in developing a comics story so quickly. The theme changed completely when I got to the lettering stage and found out that I didn’t have enough room to express my villain’s motivations as clearly as I had intended. Also learned that while my drawing speed has increased, my lettering speed is sorely lacking.

More to report this weekend!

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