Drawing for Myself – Beast Man

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Another villain for today’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe character re-imagining!

So I obviously went a little more “gorilla” with my take on Beast Man. If I were writing him in a cartoon or comic aimed at kids, Beast Man would be the despicably loyal enforcer to Skeletor. Sort of like Cyclonus to Galvatron, Scorponok or Inferno to Megatron, Smithers to Mr. Burns (you see, all great evil leaders need a despicably loyal sidekick). Beast Man would have a loyalty that borders on adulation. This flies in the face of the treatment Beast Man had in the first season of the Filmation He-Man cartoon, where he was portrayed as a bit of an opportunist, waiting for his chance to take over Snake Mountain. Well, maybe he was more of a grumbling employee who dreamed of doing that. Later episodes played Beast Man as more of a goofy lackey, but I wouldn’t go there with him. My take on Beast Man would be the trusted general who really believes in the cause, and will not tolerate any insubordination in the ranks. Yes, I feel a need to justify Beast Man as a character in this series, because I think he always got short shrift in either iteration of the MotU franchise.

Past re-imaginings:

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