Boulder and Fleet vs the Giant Robot

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Working on a test piece for the Boulder and Fleet comic. My production assistant is going to color flat this for me today, and I got a feeling she's going to hate my guts.

Pencil and brush pen on 22×14.5" bristol.

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7 Responses to “Boulder and Fleet vs the Giant Robot”
  1. a lot of great detail in this picture.

  2. Wonyoung Kim says:

    I love your picture.   When Is expected to be published

  3. Jerzy Drozd says:

    +Wonyoung Kim Thanks! I'm hoping to get the graphic novel published soon, but for now I will be posting short stories online at

  4. khurrum j says:

    Awwe! I'd love to see this turned into an episodic animation. Seriously, that bunny centre-fold shot is priceless. Wonder how many noticed it. Good one!

  5. Evan Ferrell says:

    Great image! I love the composition.

  6. Jerzy Drozd says:

    Good eye, +khurrum j! I was wondering if anyone noticed the tiny bunny on the head of the robot.

    And while this isn't likely to be animated anytime soon, I am working on turning it into a comic story (which I think will be even cooler). 🙂

  7. That look awesome!