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It’s time for another pretend re-imagining from the Masters of the Universe series! Not endorsed by Mattel, not requested by any comics company, just done for the pure fun of thinking about the characters and doing my best to re-aim them once again at kids.

I’d have Bow played by someone who could do a mean Antonio Banderas impersonation (though not Banderas himself–I’d want real voice actors on the show if it were a show which it is not and I’d rather have it as a comic anyway). My take on Bow is that he’d see himself as the main man from a romance novel. Striking, romantic, his shirt is always half open, and the gals are swooning. But this all falls apart for him quickly in almost every adventure, because after all, Bow was designed to be a reversal of the “damsel in distress” cliché. She-Ra has to constantly rescue Bow, which sometimes damages his ego. However, he’s pretty good at coming up with make-believe reasons why his situation wasn’t quite fair, or how he was just about to save himself, or how he’s just letting She-Ra feel useful to the group. Deep down he’s committed to the Rebels’ cause, but outwardly he comes off as vain and pompous.

Did a little audio essay chronicling my experience working on this one on my Thunder Punch Daily microcast. Kind of a “commentary track” for this design, with some larger points spinning out of it.

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  1. @NateBear says:

    Chris Hardwick comes to mind as a good candidate for the voice. He does a great, well-tuned-but-over-the-top accent.