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Another in my series of Masters of the Universe re-imaginings! I had fun with this one:


So Buzz-Off was pretty much a blank slate in either iteration of MotU, even though he appeared in a lot of episodes. So I felt I had more room to interpret him and throw on some new characteristics. For one, I made him short. He’s a bee, after all (and maybe I was subconsciously thinking of Bumblebee, you never know). Second, he’s a bug, which means a super strength that belies his size. So small & tough. Then I thought of the nutty helmet that came with the toy, and I was reminded of a 1940s street tough newsboy kind of kid. Somebody out of Jack Kirby’s Newsboy Legion. Hey, he’s got stripes on his chest–that could be like an old-timey sweater! And his name is even Buzz-Off, something a street urchin might say in a Bing Crosby church movie.

So my take on Buzz-Off, if I were writing a reboot of MotU aimed at kids? A James Cagney-esque street tough with a good heart. But don’t turn your back on him, Prince Adam–he’s just as likely to pinch your royal wallet when the danger has passed.

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3 Responses to “Drawing for Myself – Buzz-Off”
  1. I don’t know, I thought he had a good personality in the reboot, a proud leader who has to learn to call on help when needed and trust his enemies (Stratos’ people) against worst enemies (Skeletor).

    Not that I don’t like your idea, but I thought it was a great Buzz-Off on the reboot.

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      I agree that the 2002 Buzz-Off was a more interesting take than the original. And don’t get me wrong–I loved the Mike Young take on He-Man. What they did with the story was terrific. I always felt the characters weren’t quite bold enough, though. It needed more of what they did in Beast Wars, where the personalities were really vibrant, which made the interactions so, so much fun to watch. That’s what I’m trying to bring to MotU with these reboots, a touch of Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio-style characterization. When I get to Stratos, maybe that will be more clear.

  2. Shawn Robare says:

    Strictly speaking from a design standpoint, I think his rounded claw hands give the impression of boxing gloves (on the original and your iterations), and it plays into the design you settled on.