CAG! 103 – Blending Cute and Eerie, with Eric Orchard

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Talking about walking the line between eerie and cute on CAG!

In this special unscheduled episode of the Comics Are Great! show I’ll be joined by Eric Orchard, cartoonist behind Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch, published by Top Shelf. Maddy Kettle is a plucky young girl who faces witches, vampire bats, and spider goblins, yet never loses hope or refuses help when asked. She is assisted by friendly ballon-riding bears, banjo-playing raccoons, and vampire bats. So is this a creepy story or a light-hearted adventure? Maybe it can be both, thanks to the special affordances that only comics can offer!

Join us for a discussion on how comics is the perfect medium to blend opposite elements together and produce something new.

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