Comics Are Great! 11 – Continuity vs Iteration

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It’s the return to the roundtable discussion as we try to weigh the pros and cons between canonical storytelling and story franchises that undergo multiple reboots and iterations! What are the perils of working in a strict continuity? Does rebooting your story run risk of alienating readers? When does pleasing your readers cross the line into “fan service”?

These are tough questions, and I’m glad I had help on this one from:

Brandon Dayton, whose terrific comic Green Monk made the YALSA 2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list!

Kasey Van Hise, most known for the webcomic Winters in Lavelle and soon-to-be released Fat Unicorn (check out her design for Susan Banana, the derpy tiger)!

And new guest to the roundtable, Jake Parker, whose comic Missile Mouse continues to thrill kids and adults alike!

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2 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 11 – Continuity vs Iteration”
  1. brushmen says:

    The artist for the Wormworld Saga recently did an audio interview:

  2. cetriya says:

    if I hadn’t watched the new movie, i wouldn’t have gone back to watch the original ST. so like, the last ep of that series was about a women who wasn’t allowed to be a captain because she’s a woman. I loled at this considering that we’re passed WW3 but no, woman still can’t do ‘manly’ stuff.

    also, I noticed how shoujo originally got the sparkley eyes. almost every seen kirk has with a woman, they get the close up shoujo sparkle treatment.

    I also see why this series was so slashable. I’m barley 23 but it was fun to watch and see how so many mangaka got their style from.