Comics Are Great! 13 – Swears

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Disclaimer on this one: Due to the topic of this discussion, some salty language made it into this episode. It is, as they say, NSFW, and those who are sensitive to coarse language should use discretion before listening.

The roundtable returns for a discussion inspired by some blog posts made recently by John Sanford of the Chippy and Loopus comic. Does using swear words in your comic limit your audience? When is it or isn’t it appropriate to use that kind of language in your story? How does language fit in with the overall storytelling choices facing you when creating a comic? How might you think about managing a career when making “G-rated” comics as well as “Mature” comics?

Lucky for me I’m joined by a smart and funny group of people to help me navigate this dicey topic:

Dave Roman is the author of Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity, due for release this summer from First Second. Check out his Astronaut Academy trailer on YouTube!

Ryan Estrada is the author of tons of comics found on his website. It’s there you can find out more about his upcoming One Month Animated Feature project.

Brandon Dayton is the author of the acclaimed Green Monk graphic novel. You can see pages from his next volume on his website and read his fascinating thoughts on storytelling and game design on Feature Creeps.

Kasey Van Hise is the author of the fantastic webcomic Winters In Lavelle. She also posts pictures of fat unicorns on her Tumblog.

Dave and Kasey will be at the MoCCA Festival this Saturday, April 9. You can meet Brandon at the Stumptown Comics Fest on April 16 & 17. All three will be at Kids Read Comics this June 17-19!

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3 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 13 – Swears”
  1. John S says:

    Interesting. Disagree totally with the notion that using symbols is in someway not clever, I also disagree with the idea that swearing indicates “laziness”. Those are incredibly facile statements.I use symbols instead of the swearing now to humorous effect. Back when I used swearing, I was anything but “lazy”. Swearing or not swearing is a choice. Pure and simple. If you swear, you limit your audience. Period. It’s not a question of Lazy vs. Hard working or clever vs Not clever. It’s about the audience. Period.

  2. Demophon says:

    I really liked this one, as it is something I struggle with. I guess that, at the end of the day, one’s got to just do their thing & make their comics. I love creating children’s content, but I can’t divorce myself from making adult material that appeals to me & would appeal to my peers. One of my biggest challenges is separating the two.

  3. Jerzy Drozd says:

    I hoped that we eventually got around to exploring the notion that using expletives is a personal choice with consequences, instead of it being lazy or shoddy writing. Maybe we need to do a follow-up to this episode in the future to nail that point out more clearly.