Comics Are Great! 18 – Free Bits for All!

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I’m happy to have Paul Storrie return, along with Krishna Sadasivam, for some laughs and bickering! This time we talk about JK Rowling’s Pottermore project and what it means for independent publishing. We then spiral out to discuss how the relationship between author and audience has been changing in the Internet age, and whether that’s a good thing. We’re joined at the end by Eli Neiburger, who offers some more thoughts on how a comics creator has an opportunity to re-think the industry in terms of selling “experiences” over “bits”.

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5 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 18 – Free Bits for All!”
  1. Victoria says:

    Another epic episode! I am now Rebecca Clements newest fan. Rufflehall and so much more! You guys are the major food group in my nutritious breakfast. Thank you and thanks AADL!!

  2. Wanted to chime in on this subject of digital comics. As a consumer I personally do not want to sit and read comics on my computer screen…not even for free…I will however pay to read an issue on my Ipad…I want to sit in my big easy chair whip out my Ipad and read my favorite comics on my Kindle, nook, and Ibook store apps….I also don’t want to pay more than 99 cents…I also want to read books by indie artists it makes me mad when I look in my kindle book store and I can’t find my favorite webcomics available for purchase…I think anyone with a webcomic is out of his mind not to have his or her comic up for sale on kindle, nook, and Ipad….there are tons of people like me looking for them.

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      Totally agree with you on all points, William. And it definitely sparks a fire under this cartoonist’s tuchus to get all of his work into as many convenient forms as possible. Convenient and cheap are the keys, and I share your pain whenever I open up a comics aggregation app and only find stuff from the Direct Market in there. So many awesome comics being put out on the web, but not in a tablet-ready format!

      Thankfully IndyPlanet Digital is now running, which will make it crazy easy for self-publishers to promote their iPad/Android Tablet ready comics. And that’s in addition to The Illustrated Section, and the new project over at I think we’re going to see an explosion of tablet-ready comics this year.

      • Just downloaded a bunch of stuff from IndyPlanet Digital and Illustrated section….I hope these services really take off I have to say I really enjoy the way the IndyPlanet Site is set up and it’s easy to get the books. I think the key would be to get all your books on every platform available. I really want this new generation to get the same joy I got from getting my newest issue of Spiderman, or X-men when I was a kid. I think this is a huge jump in the right direction!