Comics Are Great! 24 – I’m a Doctor, I know Science

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This one goes out to any young or beginning cartoonists who are wondering what to expect as they enter the world of promoting their work and making a living at this comics stuff!

We’re joined by Christopher Hastings, artist/writer of Dr. McNinja and writer of the new Fear Itself: Deadpool mini-series, who shares some terrific thoughts based on his experiences in comics publishing, including:

  • Starting a webcomic while holding down a day job
  • Deciding whether or not art school is for you
  • Incentivizing page views with layered humor
  • Letting old work stand
  • Pacing your pages when doing long-form comics on the web
  • Staying in touch with your kid-self in order to write
  • Handling trolls and reviews

We’re also joined by Lauren Houser, who shares some of her own thoughts on art school and preparing for a long slog on a graphic novel she plans to serialize online.

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  1. Perfect is the enemy of done. Seth Godin.