Comics Are Great! 32 – Alchemical Science

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It’s a discussion devoted to using the art of comics to celebrate history and science on this week’s Comics Are Great! But what might be the best part of the episode is how the discussion turns to a general talk about why comics are such an effective medium regardless of topic.

I’m joined this week by Jim Ottaviani, who just released his latest comic biography of the great physicist Richard Feynman, and Nick Abadzis, celebrated author of the historical graphic novel Laika.

If you’re up for a discussion on why comics are so well suited for stories about science, how to get in the mind of your characters, as well as some terrific visual storytelling techniques available to a cartoonist, you won’t be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 32 – Alchemical Science”
  1. Paul Caggegi says:

    Wow. I’d heard these books were in the works, and after listening to your interview, Jerze, I am scouring the net for the best places to buy. Wish I could get them to Australia faster than Amazon can send!

    Well done, mate. Good to hear you still podcasting!