Comics Are Great! 35 – Gender Identity

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It’s a discussion on the positive power of fantasy stories on this week’s Comics Are Great! podcast, as I’m joined by Joamette Gil and Brian Denham for a discussion on their new comic, Exile. Gil and Denham’s story features a transgender protagonist who faces cosmic challenges while also dealing with her own gender identity. But this raises a question–why deal with these issues in a fantasy tale, rather than a memoir or slice-of-life story? How does a fantasy story change one’s approach in dealing with these issues?

We’re joined at the end by Sharon Iverson of the Ann Arbor District Library, who shares some terrific book recommendations with us.

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2 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 35 – Gender Identity”
  1. KB says:

    You say early in the show about having a problem with zooming in and getting lost in the details. I use Photoshop CS2 and there’s a thing that allows you to open two windows of the same file so you can have one small and one zoomed.

    Windows >Arrange> New Window for (file name)

    Even if you don’t use it it’s worth mentioning. I heard about it and it was like magic.