Comics Are Great! 43 – Let’s Fight!

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It’s a special unscheduled Comics Are Great! discussion with Ryan Estrada, who just happened to be in town during the winter break. He sat down with me for a talk on the various kinds of drama that pop up in comics circles and together we explore why it is that we’re sometimes so eager to pick a fight online. Is there a time and place for arguing with peers or readers, or is it an opportunity to turn them into a superfan?

We also talk about the benefits of taking risks (both creatively and in our daily lives), using Ryan’s adventure travels and his “Not My Thing” challenge he takes on from time to time.

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One Response to “Comics Are Great! 43 – Let’s Fight!”
  1. D Burke says:

    This was a great show. A ton of wisdom in Ryan’s stories and thoughts. Well done. You are the Merv Griffen of comics. And I thought Merv was great. You have never been more natural in your questions and give and take with a guest. It sounded like you were not even trying..and you did great. Whatever relaxed you and put you into this mindset, maybe it was the presence of your guest himself, whatever it was, you brought it to a new level. You made interviewing, which is not often easy, sound easy. And yet, the conversation was engaging. Your years of interviewing people is showing in a good way. The more naturally you talk, phrases and so on, the better it flows. In this show, you have found something new. And it works.