Comics Are Great! 52 – Draw! Draw! Draw!

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It’s some fun talk about the effusive joy one finds in a life committed to art and getting others excited about art, as we’re joined by Mark Kistler, legendary host of the PBS series The Secret City Adventures and The Imagination Station. We talk about Mark’s career in teaching kids how to draw and his new project, 100 Pounds 100 Cities. We’ve also got Lee Cherolis in studio to talk about his latest comics project, Little Guardians, and to help me teach Mark how to Twitter.

Eli Neiburger makes a stop by the studio at the end for some closing thoughts and book recommendations!

Links mentioned in this episode (thanks to Eric Klooster for collecting them!):

Here’s the video from this episode’s live stream (audio player at the bottom of this post):

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2 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 52 – Draw! Draw! Draw!”
  1. Sally Carson says:

    Amazing. I was a member of the Draw Squad. Watched every show, had the book, drew more cylinders in perspective than I can count.

    Mark’s lessons helped me immensely. By the time I got to art school and we were doing perspective, it was like a native language for me. Thanks Mark!

  2. Dave Roman says:

    Great episode. And Lee’s comics look rad! Definitely need to read Little Guardians!