Comics Are Great! 64 – SPX 2012 Wrap-Up

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Chad Sell, Sally Carson, and the Small Press Expo!

I’m back from the Small Press Expo and ready to share some of the exciting things that happened while I was there. I’m joined by two other SPX 2012 exhibitors, Chad Sell and Sally Carson. Together we talk about the unique tone the convention has, offer some tips on tabling at conventions, and take a brief look at setting up your table from a User Experience Designer’s point of view.

Erin Helmrich of the Ann Arbor District Library shows up later to share some more book recommendations and comics events happening in the Southeast Michigan area.

Links mentioned in this episode (thanks to Eric Klooster for collecting them!):

Comics and Book Recommendations (some are affiliate links):

Upcoming Comics Events in Southeast Michigan:

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Audio hosting provided by Ka-Blam Digital Printing. This episode was recorded live at the Ann Arbor District Library.

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2 Responses to “Comics Are Great! 64 – SPX 2012 Wrap-Up”
  1. Joe Procopio says:


    Thanks so much for the shout out! I loved your “30 Queens” and “40 Queens” books…definitely one of the cooler things I picked up at SPX this year. Glad you liked what I had on offer, too.

    If folks are interested in checking out “The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley,” you can find it here:

    I even made a little video “book trailer” for the Kley books that you can check out at the above link.

    Thanks again, Chad. Hope to see you at next year’s SPX!

    –Joe Procopio

  2. Dan Burke says:

    Chad is a great talent. His art is wonderful. Great show.