CAG! 94 – Make Your Comic Like a Movie, with Kohl Glass, Donald Harrison, and Sharad Patel

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Talking about what cartoonists can learn from filmmakers on Comics Are Great!

Comics and film share a lot of DNA, though their strengths and weaknesses greatly differ. In the end they’re trying to do the same thing–convey ideas and explore narratives visually. So what might cartoonists learn about their own craft by studying the approaches and workflow of fimmakers?

I’ll be joined by three independent filmmakers to discover how they find their narratives and ultimately express them in their visual mediums. Kohl Glass is the Emmy-award winning creator behind such films as Der Ostwind and Orc Wars. Donald Harrison is the former director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival and creator of films such as Limited Aesthetic. Sharad Patel  is a one-man production studio and has written, acted, and directed his own films.

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