CAG! 95 – Puzzling out Your Comic’s Destiny, with Jason Shiga

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Find a publisher, POD, Webcomic, or all three? Figuring out your comic’s destiny!

Whether your hope to get your comic published in the Direct Market or by one of the major book publishers, or self-publish through a Kickstarter or print-on-demand service like Ka-Blam, or publish directly to the web (as either a webcomic or a series of ebooks), you have to decide which choice is the best for your story. How do you decide what destiny is best for your beloved comic?

This episode we’re joined by Jason Shiga, the cartoonist behind the celebrated multi-path comic Meanwhile, Empire State, and the recently launched webcomic Demon. Together we’ll look at his career, spanning from Xeric Grant-funded comics to working with publishers like Abrams ComicArts to updating his own webcomic, and explore how a cartoonist navigates what method works best for your comic.

We’re also joined by David Carter of the University of Michigan Video Game Archive to talk briefly about this year’s Mini-Comics Day in Ann Arbor,  which happened Saturday, March 22!

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