CAG! 96 – The Positive Pro is Pro-Positive, with Jim Lujan

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Talking about independent animation, working with what you got, and keeping on!

In CAG 92 I talked with Ben Hatke about the importance of giving our heroes a reason to quit. Why? Because it’s so, so satisfying to see them not quit when all evidence suggests that quitting is the sensible solution. Why is that satisfying? Because creative people encounter this on a regular basis. You sacrifice time, money, and relationships in order to pursue your craft, and you’re not even sure if it’s any good at first. Often when you’re starting out you don’t have the resources or the skill to create work at the quality level you hope to. So how do you overcome these reasons to quit?

I’m glad to be joined by Jim Lujan, the creator of many, many animated films, and the writer/animator of the new animated feature Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land. Jim is very nearly the living embodiment of the hero who looks those “reasons to quit” in the eye and answers it by pushing on and making wonderful things. Together we’ll discuss how he worked with what he had to leverage a career for himself as an award-winning independent animator.

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