Comics Are Great! 06 – American Exuberance

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This time it’s a celebration of the bombastic storytelling found in American comics storytelling with Norwegian cartoonist Kim Holm. Given the popularity and influence of Manga over the last decade, and considering the terrific outpouring of new indie comics artists who are breaking all kinds of new ground in comics, it’s easy to overlook the rich and wonderful storytelling legacy left to us over the last century by American cartoonists. Kim and I sit down in studio for a discussion comparing European comics to North American comics in an attempt to highlight a few things we can learn from American storytellers as we pursue our own cartooning endeavors.

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One Response to “Comics Are Great! 06 – American Exuberance”
  1. Actually, Linkara of the video review series Atop the Fourth Wall came up with some very good (and angry/funny) reasons why Dark Knight 2 was a bad comic and if you read the comics he writes (independent work) and the comics he calls good he does have an affection for over the top fun comics.

    He has a recurring series called “Miller Time” where he goes over at what point Miller finally went over the rails. (See also All-Star Batman & Robin.) I wouldn’t mind hearing Lewis and Kim debate Frank Miller’s modern stuff. It would at least be entertaining.