Comics Are Great! 08 – Readers’ Advisory

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If we agree to the conceit that most of us want more people to read comics, the next question is: How do we recommend works to people who don’t normally read comics? Do we base our recommendations on the genres that the person is interested in, do we try to get them to read something we are personally excited about reading, or do we feel a responsibility to educate and improve the tastes of others? It’s a tricky subject, and I’m glad to have yet another great roundtable to help me try to pin the subject down for a while.

Anne Drozd is the co-author of various comics found at Tiny Astronaut, including Tiny Hamilton, Rocketosaurus!, and Dino Love.

Dave Roman is the creator behind Astronaut Academy, due for release next June from First Second Publishing.

Kasey Van Hise creates the webcomic Winters in Lavelle.

Some of the various websites and webcomics we mentioned this episode:

And as you might expect, we talk about a ton of books this time, including these!

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