Asymmetrical Cowboy-Bot

October 25, 2011 by  
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Playing with asymmetry on this guy, because after all, robots don’t need to be symmetrical, do they?

One of the challenges I’m setting for myself with these designs is to create a look that is plausible in terms of a functional robot, while also steering the design to visually refer to clothing you’d find in the wild west. I wanted this guy to have a “poncho”, so I came up with the loose plates of metal strung over his shoulders.

But once I had it penciled it looked like it’d be either too slick or too junky looking. If I left the lines clean, it would look like that bandolier Worf wears or one of those nutty Romulan sport coats. So I opted for making the metal poncho more ragged and careworn. This led me to ink the entire character with a bumpy, rugged line, with lots of dry brush effect to make it look like he’s been through a lot.

In the end I’m glad I made that choice. It lends itself to the ugliness of his asymmetry. Now he looks like an old, battle-hardened artillery-bot who has since taken to the frontier to find his fortune. Former soldier with a trillion war stories and advice for those who haven’t asked for it.

These robot cowboys may shape up to be a story, or they might not. Having fun with them either way.


2 Responses to “Asymmetrical Cowboy-Bot”
  1. I love this Jerzy! It’s nice to see a more sketchy style from you. It’s really neat how intentional you are with your design. I certainly hope to have that kind of mastery one day. Cowboy robots are such a cool idea too id love to see you make a story out of this!

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      Thanks! These are certainly fun. Thinking about cranking a bunch of these out and seeing if a small group of them have anything to say to me. If they do, I’m sure I can build a story around them.