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This morning I got to be present for the reveal of the third issue of CPTN SRSLY and The Super Master Sentinels at a school assembly where the book was given away to 500 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

I was hired by the SRSLY organization in Chelsea, Michigan to create a super hero series that delivers pro-social messages in the context of fun, bombastic super hero action. Anyone who knows me understands that this is a bit of a dream job.

For the third book's release the school had some kids act out some of the scenes from the story. Each kid got to be one of the characters from the book, and they had a lot of fun pretending to be their chosen character (Dame Ladycat really hammed it up!).

So I got to experience a rare thing: Witnessing first-hand as my work land in the hands of my intended audience and their joy and enthusiasm in participating in the world I created for them.

Not a bad way to start a Friday.

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