Drawing for Myself – Crasher

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Today’s warm-up sketch is that lovely lady Renegade GoBot, Crasher!

CRASHER Pencil, brush pen, and crayon on 5.5×8.25″ bristol.

One thing you have to give the GoBots: they featured prominent female characters (both good and evil) years before the Transformers did. And please don’t try to wrestle me on the whole why would robots need genders? bit. These kids’ stories often featured vibrant characterization shorthand, and using genders for robots is, in my mind, one tool in that set. And besides, could it hurt for girls to see that they could be involved in this kind of fantasy play? Let’s not miss the point by focusing on realism.


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  1. Also, the GoBots were technically cyborgs. As I recall from the show, the Master Renegade tried to destroy the planet but the Last Engineer created the GoBot form to save the people of Gobotron. The illustrated booklet they first tried to sell the line with (and not in the same continuity) said that they replaced “worn-out parts of their bodies” with mechanical bits, and there’s a cafeteria in the Command Center playset.