Crime Cats UP! Fair Banner

October 18, 2010 by  
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As we head into the final weeks of organization for the UP! Fair, it’s time to get our signage printed. Since the steering committee consists of a bunch of visual artists, we’re each taking a stab at designing a 6’x2′ banner to place on opposite corners of the Carnegie Center’s grounds. That oughtta get some attention from the man on the street!

As for this design, this one is repurposing some art by me and my wife Anne. It’s from a card series we did some time ago called Crime Cats, featuring our cats Lao (left) and Maggie (right). I’d love to do a comic about these characters someday.

I originally left the design without the word balloons, thinking that a vague image of cats in people clothes would be more enticing to the passers-by, but in the end I went for the more straightforward approach. I guess talking cats in people clothes is just as “random” as the kids like to say!

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