Digital artists might no longer lust after a Cintiq?

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+Krishna Sadasivam wrote up a detailed review of the Yiynova MSP19U Tablet Monitor (, which may give the Wacom Cintiq a run for its money. At less than $600, and offering much of what the Cintiq does, it's certainly going in my Amazon wish list.

Read Krishna's review here:

Another interesting review on Ray Frenden's blog:

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15 Responses to “Digital artists might no longer lust after a Cintiq?”
  1. Richard Hill says:

    Just got the Large Wacom Touch for the same price Egads!

  2. Troy Jensen says:

    I read Frenden's review a little while back. I can easily see one of these replacing my Intuos kicks it.

  3. While I love Wacom's products, I think it's great news to see they have solid competition.

  4. Luis Escobar says:

    I just peed my pants a little. I'm sooo getting one…when they restock.

  5. Derek Viars says:

    I was going to buy one a little while ago after reading the Frenden review, but I waited too long…really hope they come back in stock soon. Or Wacom starts selling theirs for a reasonable price. Whichever comes first.

  6. Troy Jensen says:

    Wouldn't hold my breath for the second one…
    I read they're expecting more stock later this month. The strong response would seem to be a good sign though.

  7. I agree with Rob, competition will make the products better and we all benefit from that. And this way I can get the experience without so much debt!

  8. Jerzy Drozd says:

    I agree that +Rob Stenzinger said it best: the most exciting aspect of this news (and the recently released Monoprice tablets) is the competition it brings for Wacom. We'll all benefit from that.

  9. Jake Thomas says:

    Got one on Friday. Works great!

  10. I got mine about a week ago and it is working great. I love it!

  11. Jeramy Hobbs says:

    I recently saw a website with schematics and sometimes premade kits, to turn a wacom tablet into a cintiq like device. bc all the cintiq is, is a monitor on top of a tablet. there are home made ones all over the net.

  12. angela dunn says:

    My only lingering fear is how does it compare to how long wacom products seem to last? I still would like one.