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Gave my students an assignment in decompressed storytelling this morning. Had them tell a story in six panels last week, and this week they were to take that same story and tell it in twelve panels.

While they worked I stole a few minutes to doodle a little ink and crayon sketch of Blitzwing from Transformers: Animated.

Blitzwing, from Transformers: Animated

I always thought that TF: Animated’s reinterpretation of Blitzwing was downright simple and brilliant. Like the TF:A version, the original character was a triple-changer (turning from tank to jet to robot), but there wasn’t a whole lot going on with his personality in the G1 cartoon. Sure, there were some cute moments in the episode “Triple Takeover”, but not anything terribly memorable.

The TF:A creators, on the other hand, did a few simple word associations and came up with an interesting new take on him. The voice actor Bumper Robinson simply assumed he was German (with a name like Blitzwing, why not?), and writer Marty Isenberg added a triple personality to go along with the triple form (a stereotypical German Nazi officer for the jet personality, a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the tank personality, and a deranged jack-o-lantern personality for the third) . Add the great character design by Derrick J Wyatt (love the monocle on the “jet” face!), and you have a truly memorable character.

I talked with writer Marty Isenberg about Blitzwing’s development a bit during an interview with him on the Art & Story podcast some time ago.

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