Drawing for myself: Hun-Dred

November 2, 2010 by  
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Tested out using Ustream from my phone today (9 min of dead air at the top) and sketched one of my favorite childhood toys/characters. Hun-Dred from Maxx Steele’s Robo Force!

Robo Force is often one of the forgotten 80s properties, and sometimes it’s the subject of gentle scorn. But I always loved this line of toys, even if they did have big suction cups for a bottom half. Hun-Dred in particular had a face plate that flipped up to reveal laser gun eyes! Show me an 8-year-old boy who wouldn’t be delighted by this concept.

My friends Shawn Robare and ShadoWing Tronix recently revealed to me that the Robo Force cartoon is now on YouTube. While the storytelling is highly compressed (even by 80s cartoon standards), it’s a solidly told tale with nice animation and terrific voice acting.

The sketch is for sale here, if you’re interested!

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