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Today I warmed up with a sketch of the leader of the SilverHawks (you can buy the original sketch here, by the way). Excitement has been building lately over the upcoming ThunderCats reboot, but I was never as big a fan of that Rankin/Bass classic as I was of SilverHawks. There was something much more elevated and silly about the story of bird-themed space cops fighting an intergalactic mob in deep space. Even the language from the extended intro spoke to how wildly the writers were treating the concept:

Born of a time beyond time, they’ve sacrificed their human bodies, modified to withstand their long journey through space to the galaxy of Limbo!

The villain designs were especially imaginative. You had robot henchmen like Buzz-Saw, a crazy blue goblin in a toga named Wind Hammer, and the symbol of 80s pop culture (or an 80s adult’s interpretation of such) in Melodia. It was a crazy mish-mash of super villain concepts that just lit my 11-year-old brain on fire. The main villain’s name was absolutely pure and classic: Mon*Star. Cheesey? Try coming up with something as direct and evocative for a kids’ story. I dare you.

All in all, it was a nearly perfect blend of science fiction, Dick Tracy, and super-hero storytelling styles. I really need to do a Saturday Supercast about this show sometime. There’s a lot going on with the series that’s worth picking apart.

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