Drawing for myself – Slaughter Steelgrave

November 5, 2010 by  
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Hey, who loves Starriors? I do! You can purchase the original art here, if you like!

Slaughter Steelgrave–what a name! Some folks poke fun at the names of some of the 80s cartoon/toy franchise characters (Mon-Star, Skeletor, Umbra, etc) but I absolutely adore how simple and direct they are.

There was a Starriors comic mini-series in the mid-80s, which as far as I know was the only real story treatment for the toy line. In it the gentle Protectors endure slavery under the cruel Destructors. Hot Shot leads his fellow Protectors into the desert to overcome their pacifist programming and by finding a creature lost in legend; their creator, Man. Slaughter Steelgrave, the brutal leader of the Destructors, knows exactly what Hot Shot is looking for and what will happen to him if humankind returns, and personally leads his forces to find and destroy the runaway Protectors.

Some really interesting storytelling moments in this series, some new twists on the traitor character, and really lovely Saturday Morning-style characterization throughout. And hey, Bill Sienkiewicz covers! Definitely worth a search in the quarter bins next time you’re at a Transformers or comics convention.

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