Drawing for Myself – Thirty Thirty

December 9, 2010 by  
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During my ongoing tests of streaming apps for the iPhone, I put out a call on Twitter for some more 80s characters to sketch. Rene van Belzen gave me a challenge: Thirty Thirty from Filmation’s Bravestarr.

What a fun challenge! Thirty Thirty was Marshal Bravestarr’s horse who could also transform into his partner. He was a surly, cantankerous friend who loved a good fight. Also carried a crazy neat musket to fight Tex Hex with.

This time I was testing the app for the iPhone to do the streaming. While I like how customizable the channels are, the app is a bit buggy. It crashed a couple of times during the live stream, and the audio was a little on the choppy side. I hope they rev the app soon to address these problems.

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