The Dread Torpedoes!

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I guess I’ve committed to creating a new comic about the characters from The Front: Rebirth in this new style I’ve been goofing with. And the first story will be a sort of “origin” of Torpedo Black, much like my Origin of Jared comic I did a few years ago.

I had always planned on showing these characters in the story, and I was pretty excited to have finally sat down to design them. Torpedo Black’s name came from the team he used to run with: The Dread Torpedoes, a group of super-villain-ish punks who terrorized their home town.

But you will notice that Torpedo Black wasn’t always assigned that color! Let’s meet them all individually:

Torpedo Red is the only member with a long-range attack. She can fire incendiary bolts from her gauntlets, and her retractable rocket boosters in her boots give her the greatest speeds for short bursts of time. She is prone to violent mood swings, careening between violent anger, remorse, and boisterous joy all within a moment’s notice. Her pet peeves are capitalism and the pursuit of status.

Torpedo Blue boasts the most maneuverability and highest altitude ceiling of the group. His carefree nature belies a deep nihilism; throughout his explorations of world religions and philosophies he has concluded that life is something that should not have existed. And if that is the case, Torpedo Blue feels that there’s no point to making a moral judgement of any kind. He just rolls with it. His pet peeve is debate.

Torpedo Black is the group leader, mostly because her devastatingly violent outbursts terrify the others. She cannot decide which of her “virtues” she wants to be cherished for, whether it is her great sense of style and physical beauty, or her ability to clobber anyone around her. She is the most insecure of the team, and will burst into tearful temper tantrums if her will is contradicted. Right before she pounds her naysayer into the dirt, then solicit tender words of support from her teammates. Her pet peeve is self-confidence.

Torpedo Yellow is the Torpedo Black we’ve come to love in The Front series. He shares characteristics with all of his fellow Torpedoes, but in the story we’ll discover that he’s looking for something more that he just can’t find in this team.

Getting pretty excited about this book as the ideas start to gel.


3 Responses to “The Dread Torpedoes!”
  1. escott says:

    This new look is just fantastic. I really like what you’ve been coming up with. A new story sounds like fun!

  2. Dann says:

    I love the idea of a “colour coded” super hero team having a black sheep.

  3. Jerzy Drozd says:

    Thanks, guys.

    The idea for the Dread Torpedos and their color-coded names/designs came to me 10 years ago when I was re-designing Torpedo Black. His original name was just “Torpedo”, and out of (probably unnecessary) skittishness over copyright/trademark issues with folks who have used that name for action heroes/characters, I opted to include what was then his last name. So if his name was “John Black”, he went by “Torpedo Black”.

    But then I got to wondering if he was part of one of those Sentai teams like the Power Rangers (Green Ranger, Red Ranger, etc) before he worked with the mercenary team he’s with in The Front: Rebirth, and it clicked. A punk team of super villains with color themes between them all, with a tip of the cap to any fellow graphic designers in the sense that their colors align to C, M, Y, and K. 🙂