Drawing for Myself – Man-At-Arms

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Back on track with the Masters of the Universe character re-imaginings! Another good guy this time:

MAN-AT-ARMS Pencil, brush pen, and photoshop on 5.5×8.25″ bristol.

So some folks have been joking around about starting a campaign to petition one of the smaller comics companies (such as IDW) to get the license to the MotU series and put me on as the series creator. Let me tell you this: If I ever got a gig drawing He-Man comics for kids, you can bet I’d put everything I have into it. This would truly be a passion project for me.

Who knows, after I finish all of the main characters, I might have something to show a company. But there are too many cooks in this particular kitchen to give me any hope of doing the comic, much less doing it my way.

So I’ll just get back to having fun with these designs.

Past re-imaginings:


4 Responses to “Drawing for Myself – Man-At-Arms”
  1. IDW doesn’t really do “kids” comics very often. Maybe something like Top Shelf, otherwise you’d be working on something closer to the reboot.

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      Just goes to show how much I stay on top of the traditional comics industry. 🙂 I just hear that IDW has the license to nearly every TV/Movie property ever made. And truth be told, I don’t think any of the publishers are aggressively promoting comics towards kids, so a project like what I have in mind would be doomed from the start. 🙁