Fantastic Four #1, Page 16

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So I got a call from my pal Dan Merritt of Green Brain Comics this morning. He’s put together a gallery exhibition in honor of the 50th anniversary of the debut of The Fantastic Four #1. Artists were invited to redraw a page each from the book, and it turns out that Dan was short one page.

“When do you need it?” asked I.

Dan’s response is one we in the illustration field have heard all-too-often: “Yesterday.”

But the man is my friend as well as co-organizer of the Kids Read Comics celebration, so I couldn’t refuse. I spent this afternoon putting this page together for the show:

And here’s the original (the better version–one can’t improve on Kirby):

It was a crazy rush job, but I think it turned out okay. Think I’m going to record a Thunder Punch Daily about the experience.

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