Fish Don't Have Teeth: A Story of Fishman Wrestlers

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The harrowing tale of a bird who manages a two-fish wrestling team. Will the Fishman Warriors listen to their manager and beat the monsterous MacPhee? Or will they save the day with their signature moves?

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This past weekend I participated in Mini-Comics Day at the University of Michigan ( The challenge is to create an 8-page mini-comic from scratch in the course of an 8-hour day. Though I didn't finish on the day of the event (I showed up two hours late), I did manage to finish the book within the 8-hour timeframe. And here it is for you all to read.

Drawn with pencil, brush pen, and Pentel Stylo sketch pen on 5.5×4.25" bristol.

For those who are unfamiliar with Boulder & Fleet, check out the first mini-comic with these characters here:

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4 Responses to “Fish Don't Have Teeth: A Story of Fishman Wrestlers”
  1. This looks AWESOME! I missed out…>_<

  2. Jono B says:

    These guys are great =)

  3. Paul Rodgers says:

    Like it a lot. Keep on going.

  4. Hey Buddies! I make it good!   (great stuff, love these two)