Fishman Guardian

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Practicing inking in LayerPaint on the Galaxy Note 10.1. LayerPaint can totally handle the big files-this one was 2400×3150 and had 5 layers, yet I experienced no appreciable lag in the app.

Will this design get used in the new Boulder and Fleet story? Who knows?

#comics #sketches #characterdesign

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7 Responses to “Fishman Guardian”
  1. Dave L Gore says:

    that's pretty cool my man I hope to see the finished product

  2. I hope so, it's boss! 🙂

  3. croco pix says:

    Great……..I loooooove it.

  4. jo mamen says:

    Xxx er ed e":9ohoijlqbhkkholotioxveexcxq

  5. Dave L Gore says:

    are you planning on having a colored in