Fold Your Own Book Workshop January 12!

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From 6:30 to 8:30 pm this coming Wednesday, January 12, I’ll be leading a really neat comics workshop with my wife Anne at the Chelsea District Library!

Our Fold Your Own Book workshop is a variation on the Comic-in-a-Box class we led last month at the Ann Arbor District Library. Participants will be instructed in making a comic story on a strip of paper and fold it like an accordion bellows. These folds become the “pages” of your narrative. Afterwards, the class will construct a box from a template and a collection of papers culled from magazines, art books, maps, and more. The box serves as the “cover” of your story, with the accordion comic housed within.

It’s a really fun way to explore visual storytelling with a bit of a 3D element. In the end all participants will have a super great art object that also tells a story!

Registration is required, and seats are filling fast, so sign up now!

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