Gold Digger Annual 1998

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Found some copies of Fred Perry's Gold Digger annual from 1998, featuring some of my first published work. Back then I was doing my darnedest to ape Akira Toriyama (Dragonball, Dragonball Z), which shows, even if I didn't succeed.

I was surprised to see the level of detail I was putting into this old stuff, and pleasantly surprised by some of the jokes my collaborators and I managed to fit into the story.

And this was about three years before I switched to lettering on the computer! All art happened on the bristol, and I mailed it to the publisher.


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6 Responses to “Gold Digger Annual 1998”
  1. Hey you can add me on Facebook of you want ok my name is Stacey Lynn masters

  2. we have comics with colour very nice mythological stories

  3. so much detail! lol – always nice to revisit your older work. It's like a time capsule…