Drawing for Myself – Redesigning He-Man

February 26, 2011 by  
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After yesterday’s experiment in drawing Trap Jaw in a new style, I thought I’d take a stab at the big hero of the Masters of the Universe franchise.

HE-MAN Pencil, brush pen, and Photoshop on 5.5×8.25″ bristol.

As I said before, this style experiment was inspired by the fantastic character design work of Derrick Wyatt (Transformers: Animated) and the new My Little Pony cartoon series. I think He-Man and his universe are due for a cartoon reboot aimed at young kids, don’t you?


9 Responses to “Drawing for Myself – Redesigning He-Man”
  1. Mark Harmon says:

    I’d watch that!

  2. Shawn Robare says:

    I really dig the way you kept a softness to the furry underwear and boots. So many cartoons these days, the 2002 He-Man included, had such a sharpness and edge to them. Oh and I detecting a slight Popeye influence on the musculature, like the goons or something? Maybe I’m just reading into that…

    • Jerzy Drozd says:

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to incorporate a bit of Segar into these style experiments. With the Holly Hammerhands mini-comic I’m developing with Kasey Van Hise, I was letting the Segar influence show more clearly. I’m having fun finding a middle road between modern Tartakovsky/McCraken/Derrick Wyatt sharp stylized designs and Segar’s warm, rounder character designs.

      I so want to do a comic about MoTU in this style…

  3. You realize that certain sect who want to transform kids shows into “adult fare” (people who like Bay’s Transformers) are current having fits, right? πŸ™‚

  4. Rubin Pingk says:

    By the power of greyskull, that’s awesome.

    Do the whole set!